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The history and origin of tea drinking was rich as its own taste and aroma. From the myth and history that has been passed through generations stated that during the 2700 BCE, a piece of tea leaf accidentally fell into Chinese Herbalist Shen Nung's pot of hot water. This was the start of the popularity of this beverage as Nung found out the delightful taste and fragrance of the tea. Another myth was about the Indian Monk, Bodhidharma, who traveled and sailed to China then went into a nine-year meditation. According to the story he used the tea leaves for him to stay awake on his meditation. In order to maintain a high level of alertness and concentration he needed to drink a cup of tea. This is the beginning of tea as an essential part in meditation of Buddhism. Indeed tea drinking has different origins though one thing for sure is that it has a lot of benefits among the people. This delightful tea plant, also known as Camellia Sinensis or Camellia Assamica, comes from the genus Camellia, which was first found out way before the period of great ice age. This plant can grow as tall as 60 feet depends on the temperature of its location. In fact there is a1700-year-old tea tree in the Yunnan Province of China that stands over 100 feet tall. Nevertheless the method use today changed the way of the planting. For brewing and processing, this plant let to grow only about three feet. This technique has been used to fully maximize the natural aroma and fragrance of the leaves.

The different types of tea are due of the different process and procedure; from fermenting to frying. You probably prefer tea from one another; nonetheless the soothing feeling will be the number one reason why you love drinking tea. Green tea is known to have medicinal benefits, in fact according to the study showed that it helps the people decrease their risk of cancer. It also uses as an anti-oxidants; you probably experience this while you are in Chinese restaurants as they will offer and serve you a cup of black tea after your meal. Regular tea drinking also makes you feel young and healthier. It also boosts your skills and creativity, since it allows you to focus on whatever thing you are doing. Because of drinking tea you can also avoid the constipation as it helps you digest your food slowly. Indeed this is the perfect drink for everyone, if you haven't tried it yet then perhaps this is the perfect time. Choose the tea that you prefer, you can choose from green tea, black tea, white tea and oolong tea. Each of them has a distinctive taste and aroma that you would love and enjoy.

Take out now your cast iron tea pots and start brewing your own tea. Serve it with a sweet cookies and cakes. Let your regular morning and afternoon change into more exciting conversation with your family and friends over a cup of tea!

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A Tea Primer

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This article was published on 2010/09/09