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German researchers said the result could explain why the tea-drinking culture in the UK did not produce significant inhibition reason on the prevalence of heart disease, because the majority of people in Britain are like milk tea.

A research showed that 16 years old females like to drink half a liter of the new brew tea, which adds skimmed milk tea and boiled water. After two hours, doctors checked their forearm arterial. The results show that the contractility of arterial vascular walls of people who drink black tea has been significantly improved, but this effect is very not obvious in a group of people who like add milk in the tea.

Tip: The tea with milk is a high-sugar, high-oil, high-calorie foods. Creamer is mostly made from coconut oil, so if people drank too much, it is easy to gain weight. Coconut oil contains large amounts of saturated fatty acids, which will accelerate the manufacture of cholesterol in the body, and blood fat will increase rapidly to form vascular sclerosis. If people drink for a long time, it is easy to suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes and other chronic diseases.

There had statistics showed that if people drink a lot of tea with milk more than three months, blood fat and cholesterol elevated. Some tea with milk we bought beside the street has no tea ingredients, which made from the creamer. They are just a combination of oil and sugar. Because of creamer are not the milk manufactured goods, and tea with have a lot of sugar. They are almost no calcium, so they have also great harm to the body.

So far, in the world, cardiovascular disease is the largest single disease cause of death for female death. Statistics showed that the incidence of cardiovascular disease for women is 10 times of the incidence of breast cancer, which leapt to the number one killer of a direct threat to the woman's life. But because of the error in the understanding of cardiovascular disease, cardiovascular disease of women can be overlooked easily, but once they were found to have cardiovascular disease, they have been very serious.


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Do You Drink the Tea with Milk

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Do You Drink the Tea with Milk

This article was published on 2013/04/18