Red Clover Blossom Versus Leaf Tea

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Many people try red clover tea as a means of fighting off all kinds of health issues, and you will find that the tea made from this amazing plant has many uses. Those suffering from strong symptoms of menopause will be able to combat the problems with the tea, and those with high cholesterol levels can get them under control thanks to the red clover. Many people with osteoporosis have been able to deal with their problem effectively, and it can even be used to fight cancer. The tea is very effective, and it is an herbal remedy that has been used for centuries.

But what part of the red clover is used?

Many people believe that only the blossom is used in the preparation of the herbal tea, and the truth is that the blossom is where all of the isoflavones are located. These nutrients are the ones that help to combat the cancer, and you will find that most of the other health benefits found in the red clover tea all come from the blossom. It will be a much tastier tea that is made with the blossom, as that is where all of the flavor lies. The red clover flower is the most effective part of the clover, but it isn’t the only part that is effective.

An interesting use of the red clover leaf is as a detox tea, and you will find that you can help to flush out your gallbladder and liver thanks to the tea. While most of the red clover products on the market are made only with the blossom, including the leaves in the tea can actually have a very good effect of cleansing out your organs. The leaves and flower together form a tonic that can help to flush all the harmful toxins and chemicals from the liver and bladder, and you may find that combining the two will make them even more powerful.

Obviously the majority of the benefits are located in the flower, but you will be able to use the leaf to help you flush out your body. You will find that cleansing all of the toxins from your system will have a very good effect, as it will ensure that your entire body will continue to work properly. Seeing as toxins will usually slow down your internal functions, you can see why getting rid of them will be a good idea. Using the leaf combined with the flower can help to form a very effective tonic, as the combination of the two will flush out your body and get rid of the toxins nicely – freeing up your body to run properly.


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Red Clover Blossom Versus Leaf Tea

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Red Clover Blossom Versus Leaf Tea

This article was published on 2012/10/29